How to find us


The route from Athens to Sparta via the national roads is pleasant and straight forward. One can take the newly completed Athens-Kalamata highway or turn right before Tripoli on the Tegea/Sparta exit and follow the old national road. From Sparta to Monemvasia the local roads have clear signage and pass through the beautiful landscapes of the Laconia region.

Upon arriving in Monemvasia, one traverses the new village and continues on the same road towards the rock, crossing the bridge. This road leads to the Castle entrance. Cars do not enter the Castle of Monemvasia so it is best to drive up to the entrance, leave the co-pilot and the luggage there and go park along the road. It is the only parking solution near the Castle. Alternatively one could park in the new village and take the mini-bus which goes from there to the Castle and back every half hour.

It is also possible to travel to Monemvasia by bus leaving from the main Athens bus station in Kifissos or take a taxi which goes from Athens to Monemvasia and back. We are happy to provide more information about the taxi service if needed.


The settlement

The Castle of Monemvasia is a traditional settlement surrounded by fortification walls, inhabited since the early Byzantine Years. It is nested in the cavity of a great rock that stands alone in the sea, accessible from the mainland only via a connecting bridge. The name Monemvasia actually means «single entrance». The hamlet has preserved its medieval urban tissue and its original architectural vocabulary and thus offers visitors a real voyage in time.

Excursions near by

Visitors who come to Monemvasia can use the Castle as a base for many interesting excursions near by, enjoying new scenery and sights every day. It is worth dedicating at least three or four days to Monemvasia. Starting from the Castle itself, one can visit some of its 40 churches, the archeological museum, the uninhabited upper settlement with the Agia Sophia church as well as the lighthouse, which is located just beyond the Eastern fortification walls. Swimming in the historic Portello beach is also something not to miss. Within a short driving distance, the visitor can find various quaint villages, beautiful landscapes, caves and nice beaches.  From Kiparissi down to Cape Maleas and from Neapoli all the way up to Plitra, one can combine cultural interests with activities in nature and local cuisine. We are at your disposal for offering advice and directions for your excursions!