Our history

The Theophano Art Hotel is situated inside the Castle of Monemvasia, on the majestic Chrysafitissa Square and the Sea Walls, a very privileged position within the traditional settlement. The hotel’s windows and balconies enjoy unobstructed views of the Myrtoo Sea. The historical Portello, an opening in the defensive walls and an ideal location for swimming, is only a few metres away.


The open space provided by the square is a rarity within the settlement and owes its existence to a town planning scheme implemented under the rule of Otto, King of Greece. This is also the reason why all the buildings located on the square feature neoclassical balconies on their façades.

Our history

According to old title deeds, the buildings of the hotel, whose history goes back several centuries, once belonged to the family of the poet Yiannis Ritsos. In fact, the poet himself was born in one of them, as told in the book written by his sister, L. Ritsou.

The surviving traces of the old buildings, in themselves very interesting and abundant in architectural features, were surveyed and restored with great care and consideration, to create a harmonious union of impeccable aesthetics, comfort and tradition.


The restoration of the buildings was carried out in keeping with the character of the traditional settlement of the Castle, but with particular emphasis on the quality of construction and environmental consciousness. The existing stonework was restored to its original height and lined with insulating materials and Byzantine mortar to ensure a pleasant indoor temperature throughout the year.


The existing archaeological features were left untouched and can be seen throughout the hotel. The cisterns (traditional water tanks) found on the grounds have been repaired and put to use for the collection and redistribution of rainwater. The ornate floors are all handmade. Last but not least, the Theophano Art Hotel is the only hotel in the Castle where an extensive soundproofing survey has been carried out and implemented, to guarantee a peaceful environment for our guests.